We will be posting video, audio, and still picture evidence here as we get time to. Check back often !

12/01/2012 Update- We purchased some software to crop pics to post evidence here. Coming soon. I gave up my Public relations position with another para group to spend more time on our material.  We also have evidence posted on facebook at this address : http://www.facebook.com/GriffithParanormalSociety?ref=hl

Below is an apparition we caught in the middle of nowhere at a cemetary associated with a long ago closed up mental hospital. There is absolutely nothing in the area where this apparition appeared. We were getting feelings of being watched, crazy EMF readings, and some very impressive EVP's. One class A evp in particular really stands out. I had just read the name Elizabeth on a tombstone and the spirit voice found upon review says in a female voice " Pray For Us" and I did. 

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