Welcome ! You have found the GPS website.  We are a small team in search of scientific knowledge  concerning paranormal events in our area. We research local folklore and investigate these claims for scientific proof of paranormal activity. In the past we flew under the radar to avoid being stereo typed as nut cases. With all the ghost hunting hype out there these days we decided to share with the world our research.  In the past five years we have started  to seriously look for and document paranormal activity. 

We have become convinced by the evidence we have collected and events we have expierenced that there are souls all around us. So many that we get much of our evidence just walking the dog or going for a walk.   

"WARNING"  Investigating the paranormal can become agitating and even dangerous. Just like living souls there are good and evil departed souls. Some have reported that they have had entities attach to them and haunted them. Whatever religion you follow use protection, pray before and after an investigation and ask the entities you contact not to follow you . I personally had a very close call with an entity close to home that I filmed with a sony nightshot handy cam. This soul started annoying knockings, noises, and shoved me up from under my bed and almost to the floor.  Vivid dreams (the really clear ones in color can be the entity trying to communicate) This happens to us often. We would never want to discourage anyone from seeking the answers to the paranormal but do your home work and protect yourself.


ORBs ? What exaxctly is an orb. Ok. Refering to the white round spots that seem to pop up in various photos. In our expierence we have come across this phenomena often. We are not sure exactly what they are but we have seen them in all areas at different times indoor and out. Some appear to have a thin membrane around them. Some are bright white to a yellowish color. Some have various parts missing or even some blacked out parts resembling faces. I suggest reading a book the ORB project in paperback authoured by Miceal Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann. They spent I think over 20 years researching this activity and explain the whole scientific theory of orb activity. My thoughts=not enough information to draw a conclusion at this time. 

Rich GPS

 We  will be adding new evidence to the site periodically so check back often to see what we have been up to and thank you for your interest. If you need our help feel free to drop us an e-mail ,we do not charge to help as it forwards our research and understanding of paranormal activity. Cases are accepted based on our evaluation. We do not accept cases in high crime areas but we may be able to give you some advice.

Rich GPS

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To veiw most of the activity in these pics you will have to save and magnify in your pc's veiwer. 

Apparitions of two native  American Indians.(Above)  The large male is sitiing cross legged (left center) and the small  female child (right center) is reaching out towards the man. Caught during Fuji Film s1800 low light camera test. January 2010 in Griffith by Dawn. 

February 13th 2010 another lake cty cemetary. These pink pics were taken with the moditronic full spectrum camcorder( the first series right when they came out) on a very calm bright sunny day at 1:15pm . We were testing the cams UV capabilities by snapping tombstone pics. Upon reveiw we noticed 4 apparitions at the rear of the lot. A woman in a white dress who appears to be holding hands with the male to her left. Right of them is a tall man in a uniform and far right something still manifesting wearing a white glove ?

Check out the mist figure in this pic and the next. Very strange apparition behind the unreadable stone just right and rear of the stone marked shaeffer. 

Notice in the both pics the mist figure is behind the tombstone but is blocking out the trees behind  it. Compare the two pics and notice that the apparition has moved slightly and its appearance has changed slightly. (We had the olympus with us and gathered around 10 or so class A EVP's "The first 5 min in saying very clear and loudly (GET OUT !")

This is the famous Reder road in Griffith indiana. This is a public DNR park so I can give the name. We were snappin a pic of the 2 guys walking and upon review found a female apparition to the far right in the trees. If you can see her she appears golden in color and......seems to be naked ? This was taken with the fuji-film s1800 that is being converted to full spectrum by pulling the filters. Our cam was new and unconverted. This cam has natural abilities to capture para activity WITHOUT pulling the filters. I think we purchased it on amazon for around $150.00 ? 

 While building a prop for a show last summer(2010) we took some pics of the project and some orb activity showed up. The really white one left side front, almost appears to have facial features.

While helping a friend restore and old truck I took this pic of our progress. The orb activity was intense. I took about 6 pics and only this one showed activity ? 

 At this little out of the way cemetary in Lake cty. Indiana, we had several expierences. I will not name it due to the vandallism that seems to go on there. Upon entering Dawn expierenced EMF hits on the K2 and battery drain with the fuji s1800. Using the RT-EVP device Rich had a 20 min. conversation with an entity requesting help, mentioning a females name, called Rich by name without introduction, and warned him " Rich get away from here" and when asked if he would like him to return the entity clearly said "NO". If you are sensitive you will feel the energy on this lot. Please be respectful if you find this spot.

This house has a reputation for a white female apparition appearing in the upstairs window. Blow it up and see what you see ? Taken  Dec-3-2011 around 7:00pm. 

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